Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 62

3 march Tuesday - The joe in his nature habitat.

Day 61

2 march Monday - Nico watching youtube with "his puter" - joe's mini 9. The requisite finger up the nose.

Day 60

1 march - The boys waking Joe up in the morning, all there is a blur of boys. That's what ya get when you fall asleep on the couch.

Day 59

28 feb - Hanging out with Jen & Jackie eating a yummy dessert - custard something.

Day 58

27 feb. --hmmm another nico picture, where is H??? Anywho nico hates to hold anything cold so he puts on mittens to hold cold cups.

Day 57

Joe kept Nico busy with a tire pump and a beach tube, he was busy for 45mins.

day 56

25 feb - Nico just being a goofball, all i wanted him to do was hold the bag up so I could take a picture.